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self-with-others podcast

May 17, 2021

This last year has taught us many things.There’s one lesson we’re not learning, amid all the talk of ‘returning to normal’.

Mar 25, 2021

Logic is not thinking. It is only part of thinking. Thought involves the whole body.

We forget that at our peril.

Here's a story about a feral cat and being human. you'd like to access my writings, pictures or the new UDEMY course I've launched, all links...

Mar 3, 2021

People know ‘presence’ is a ‘good thing’. 

It’s useful. Like a nice smile. Or a spare hair-clip. 

They’re not so convinced you can train it — that investing time or money in ‘enhancing presence’ is a smart use of scarce resources.

Training people to develop greater presence is what I do. I love it....

Feb 21, 2021

A childhood dream of constant flight became a way of life. Pandemic ended that. Who am I if I am not in motion?

Feb 14, 2021

In deep midwinter I'm reminded of Easter on the Greek Island of Lesvos - and what it taught me about the power of light to dispel darkness and build community.